The abstract of KREI report 2004

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The abstract of KREI report 2004
CONTENTS1. AGRIBUSINESS RESEARCH1. 1. Implementation of the Advanced Food Safety System in Korea 31. 2.Strategies for Establishing Environmentally-Friendly Agricultural System in Korea 51. 3. A Case Study on Rural Agricultural Development Factors 81- 4. Food Balance Sheet 91. 5.A Study on the Introduction of Regional Maximum Load System of Livestock Numbers 101. 6.A Study on Beef Consumption Changes in Korea after the outbreak of BSE in the U.S. 121. 7. Estimating the GDP of the Korean Agribusiness Sector 141. 8.Research on the Expansion Measure for the Medium- and Long-term Direct Payment System 151. 9. Questionnaire Replies for OECD Agri-Environmental Indicators 181.10. Food Self-sufficiency rate based on Minimum Dietary Reference Intakes for Energy 201.11. A Research on Improving Food Labeling System in Korea: Focus on Fruits and Vegetables 211.12. A Study on Rice Farm Income Stabilization 231.13. Strategies for Agricultural Productivity Enhancement in North Korea by Mechanization 241.14. Policy Directions and Issues of Targeting Food Self- Sufficiency Rate in Korea 251.15. Impact of WTO/DDA Agreement on Korea's Ginseng Industry and Raising Its Competitiveness 261.16. Study on Mid and Long-term Strategies for Expanding Korean Ginseng Exports 281.17. Investigation and Analysis of the Status of Domestic and Imported of Salted-Foods 301.18. A Study on Farmers' Disposal Status and Effective Mana- gement System for Equipped Agricultural Input Wastes 321.19 An Analysis of Economic Values of Germ-free Minipig- based Bio Internal Organ Production 341.20. 2004 Evaluation of Agricultural Training Organizations' Training Programs 361.21. Agricultural and Rural Development Plans in Keochang County 371.22. Market Investigation for the Improvement of Jeju Citrus Marketing 381.23. Strategies for basic construction plans and management of the Ulsan Agricultural and Fishery Product Composite Marketing Center 391.24. A study on the Reformation of the Gangseo Agricultural Products Wholesale Market 401.25. A Design for Direct Payment Measures for Compensating Income Loss to Fruit Growers Caused by Agricultural Imports 411.26. A Study on the Improvement of Transactions in Agricultural and Fishery Products Categories 421.27. Rice Marketing Strategies of Agricultural Co-operatives In Response to Changes in the Grain Market Environment 431.28. Improvement of the Korean Food Industrial Policies 471.29. Study on Awareness and Needs of Consumers, Producers and Distributors Regarding Food Safety 491.30. A Study on the Improvement of Transactions in Agricultural and Fishery Products Categories 511.31. A Study on Strategic Marketing Training Plan In Response to Market Change 521.32. Remodelling of the Guri Agricultural and Marine Products Wholesale Market 531.33. Strategies for Facilitating Agricultural and Marine Products Wholesale Market Activities 541.34. Evaluation of Soybean Procurement Program 552. RURAL DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH2.1-1 A Study on Bridging Income Gap between Urban and Rural Areas through the Balanced Regional Development Strategies: Analyzing the Reasons of the Gap 592.1-2 A Study on the Urban-Rural Differences in Settlement Environments in Korea and Policy Implications 632.1-3 Regional Comparison of Industrial Activities and Industrial Revitalization in Rural Area 652. 2. Developing Social Capital Measuring Indicators 682. 3. Forecasts on the Rural Population Size, Labor Forces in the Agricultural Sector, and Responding Policy Task 712. 4. A Study on Protection Systems of Agriculture-Related Indigenous Resources 722. 5. A Study on the Development of Local-Based Industry 742. 6. A Study of the Impacts of Local Festivals on Revitalization of Rural Communities 762. 7. Evaluation of Rural Village Development Programs and Suggestions for a Participatory Village Development Model 782. 8. A Study on Economic Activities and Income of the Rural Elderly in Korea 802. 9. Conflicts in the Korean Agricultural Sector and Their Management: Focusing on Two Recent Cases 822.10. Policy Directions for Farmland Systems from the Perspective of Viewing Land as Public Property 852.11. New National Land Design and Innovation Systems in Rural Areas 862.12. A Study of Foreign Farmer Organizations on Their Participation in Agricultural Policy Making 872.13. Measures to Monitor Comprehensive Rural Village Development Projects 892.14. Consolidation and Streamlining of Rural Development Programs and Projects 902.15. Strategies to Develop the Traditional Technology-Based Korean Liquor Industry 922.16. Agricultural and Rural Development Plan of the City of Milyang 952.17. Agricultural and Rural Development Plans for Jangseong County 962.18. A Study on the Assistance Scheme to Private Property Damage Caused by Natural Disasters 972.19. A Study on the Improvement of Farmland Reparation Scheme 992.20. Development of Sustainable Estuary Management Strategy in Korea (Agricultural Perspective) 1012.21. Policy Issues and Directions of Reorganizing the Agricultural Water Management Systems 1042.22. Master Plan for Building Tour Resort Towns in Rural and Mountainous Villages 1062.23. A Feasibility Study of Bio-agricultural Complex Construction 1082.24. A Research study on Gradual Expansion of Crop Insurance 1102.25. A Study on Basic Plan and Survey Methods of Rural Welfare & Education, and Regional Development 1122.26. A study on the Introduction of a Farmland Banking System in Korea 1133. AGRICULTURAL OUTLOOK AND INFORMATION3. 1. 2005 Agricultural Outlook 1173. 2. Quarterly Report on Agricultural and Rural Economy 1183. 3. Monthly Outlook for Fruit-bearing Vegetables 1193. 4. Monthly Outlook for Fruits 1213. 5. Monthly Outlook for Vegetables 1223. 6. Livestock Outlook 1233. 7. A Public Survey on Multifunctionality of Agriculture 1243. 8. The Situations and Prospects of Major Vegetables' Production and Marketing in Shandong, China 1263. 9. Sampling Design of Farm Households for an Agricultural Outlook 1273.10. PDA-based Improvement of Production Area Data Collection System 1293.11. A Study on Improvement of Agricultural Outlook Supporting Information System (Database) 1303.12. Fruit Vegetables Yield Function of Korea 1323.13. A Study on Designing and Constructing a Consumer Panel 1333.14. Improvement of the Vegetable Supply Stabilization Program in the Open Market 1343.15. Domestic Fruit Sector Development Scheme 1354. AGRICULTURAL POLICY RESEARCH4. 1. Strategies for Agricultural Reform in North Korea and Inter-Korean Cooperation 1394. 2. Innovative Marketing Strategies in the Post-harvest Stage and the Adaptation of the Korean Agricultural Cooperatives 1414. 3. Establishment of Farm Income Compensation Programs and Farm Safety Net 1434. 4. Current Situation of Rice Industry and Prospect for Structural Change 1454. 5. Effects of the Chinese Economic Growth on Korean Agriculture and Strategies to Boost the Agricultural Export to China 1474. 6. World Agriculture Online Reports 1494. 7. KREI Quarterly Report on Agricultural Trends in North Korea 1504. 8. A Road Ahead: Korean Agriculture and WTO 1524. 9. A Study on Modelling and Management of the OECD World Agricultural Outlook Model, Aglink 2004 1544.10. A Study on Modelling and Management of the Korea Agricultural Outlook Model, KREI-ASMO 2004 1554.11. Inter-Korean Agricultural Cooperation in the Mt. Geumgang Tour Area -Case Study of the Bukgaeseong Vegetable Greenhouse Project 1574.12. Possibilities and Conditions of Business Farm 1584.13. Formation and Development of Regional Agricultural Cluster 1594.14. 2004 Annual Report of FANEA 1614.15. Measures to Promote the NACF's Feed Business 1634.16. Evaluating the Performance of Integrated Agricultural Policy Loan System 1644.17. Rice Import Handling In Preparation for WTO Rice Negotiations 1664.18. Strategies to Develop Co-Marketing Firms for Innovative Marketing in Agriculture 1684.19. Evaluation of Korea-Japan FTA Negotiations on the Agricultural Sector 1704.20. Korea-Japan FTA and Policy Implications in the Forestry Sector 1725. FOREST POLICY RESEARCH5. 1. An Analysis of Economic Value of Utilizing Pyroligneous Liquid in Oriental Medicine and the Support System for Further Development 1775. 2. A Study of Development and Use of Korean-Type Carbonization Apparatus for Logging Residues Utilization 1795. 3. Monthly Outlook for Chestnut 1815. 4. Monthly Outlook for Oak-mushroom 1825. 5. A Study of Introducing Crop Insurance System for Chestnuts 1835. 6. Policy Directions and Strategies of Shiitake Mushroom Industry in Korea 1845. 7. An Analysis of Impact of WTO/DDA Negotiations on Forest Products 1855. 8. Mid-Long Term Strategy for Increasing Forest Resources Sustainability 1866. INFORMATION SERVICE6. 1. A Survey to Improve Nongmin Shinmun (Farmers Newspaper) 1897. RICE/DDA NEGOTIATION RESEARCH7. 1. Taiwan's Rice Market Opening and Implications 1937. 2. New Direction for TRQ System Improvement in Korea 1947. 3. China's Production of Japonica Type Rice and the Export Potential 1967. 4. Strategy Suggestion for Korea in the WTO Rice Negotiations 1977. 5. A Comprehensive Study on the Korea's Rice Negotiations under the WTO 1997. 6. Production and Export Potential of Japonica Rice in China 2008. FTA RESEARCH8. 1. Effects of Northeast Asian Economic Cooperation on Korean Agriculture 2038. 2. Preparation for Korea-Japan FTA Negotiations on Agriculture 2058. 3. A Basic Study on ASEAN Agricultural Sector In Connection With the Upcoming FTA Negotiations between korea and ASEAN 2068. 4. White Paper on Korea-Chile Free Trade Agreement 2088. 5. Effects of FTA between Korea and EFTA on Agricultural Sector 2099. AGRICULTURAL POLICY MEASURES RESEARCH9. 1. A Study on Integrated Agriculture & Rural Policy Measures 21310. SPECIAL RESEARCH10.1. Current Situation and Prospects of the New Zealand's Horticultural Industry 21710.2. The Status and Prospects of Orange/Grape Industries in the United States 21810.3. The Korean and Australian Beef Markets and Prospects for Trade 21910.4. U.S. Food Aid Programs 224LIST OF RESEARCHERS 225
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