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dc.description.tableofcontents1. AGRIBUSINESS RESEARCH1.1. A Study on the Analysis of the Milk Demand and Supply Management System in Korea 31.2. Current Status and Issues of Mushroom Industry 51.3. A Study on Evaluating and Improving Food Away From Home Statistics 61.4. An Analysis of Consumer Preferences and Purchasing Behaviors towards Environmentally Friendly Agricultural Products 71.5. Hypermarket's Purchase Behavior of Agricultural Products and Future Outlook 101.6. A Study on Korean Agricultural Export Organizations and Supporting Programs 121.7. Comparison of Production Costs and World Market Adjustments In Line With Changes in Japonica Rice Trade Policy 131.8. A Basic Study on Environmentally Friendly Restructuring of Highland Agriculture 161.9. Improving Safety of Imported Foods From China 181.10. Policy Directions and Strategies for the Better Implementation of Food Labeling System to Enhance Quality Competitiveness of Korean Agro-Food Products 201.11. Strategies for Value-added Production of Germinated Hulled Rice and Advance into Chinese Market 241.12. A Study on Establishing Traceability System in Livestock Production and Marketing Channels 271.13. Strategies for Advance into Foreign Markets and Green Tea Products Development 291.14. A Study on Production, Distribution, Consumption and Competitiveness of Environmentally-Friendly Rice 331.15. An Economic Analysis of Producing Bio Internal Organs from Germ-free Minipigs for Xeno-transplantation (2nd Year) 351.16. An Economic Analysis of Environmentally Friendly Agriculture and Measures for Further Development 371.17 A Study of Storage and Processing Sector of Government Rice, and Private RPC 411.18. The Optimal Allocation of the Large-Scale Agricultural Products Processing Center by Major Fruit Production Region 421.19. A Master Plan for Construction of Agricultural Marketing Complex(AMC) in Taean County 431.20. Strategies for Structural Improvement of Spicy Vegetables' Main Producing Areas 441.21. Agriculture and Rural Community Development Plan for Ulju-gun 461.22. Farm Mechanization Policy Goal for Securing Agricultural Competitiveness and the Development Direction of Farm Machinery Industry 491.23. Innovative Green Tea Industrial Cluster Development Plan for Hadong-gun 521.24. A Feasibility Study on Commercial Utilization of Thermal Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants 541.25. Strategies for Construction and Management Plan of Yangsan Agricultural Product Composite Marketing Center 551.26. Evaluation of Construction and Management Plan of Marketing & Distribution Center for Agricultural Products in Yongin, Korea 561.27. Evaluation and Improvement of Set-Aside Program for Rice 581.28. A Study on Fostering Herb Industry in Namwon 601.29. Basic Construction Plan and Validity Evaluation of Facility Modernization Project: Garak-dong Agriculture & Marine Wholesale Market 611.30. Agro-Industry and Agro-Enterprise Cluster Development in Selected Transition Economies 631.31. Evaluation on Pilot Project of Direct Payment for Environment-Friendly Livestock Farming in Korea 651.32. Policy Requirements for the Country of Origin Labeling of Processed Foods 671.33. Implementation Program for Introducing Region-Based Maximum Nutrients Loading System 701.34. Standardization of Logistical & Packing System for Agricultural Products in Korea 752. RURAL DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH2.1 Building Infrastructure for Regional Innovation System 792.2 Prospect of Changes in the Farmland Utilization Pattern after Rice Market Opening Negotiations and Countermeasures 812.3 A Study on the Ways to Boost Rural Tourism Demand 832.4. A Study on the Disparities in Economic Opportunities between Rural Areas 872.5. Current Status of Uncultivated Farmland and Appropriate Policy Direction 902.6. A Comparative Study between Korea and Japan on Endogenous Rural Vitalization Policy 932.7. Impacts of Direct Payment Program on Agricultural Production and Structural Change in Korea 972.8. Current Status and Development Strategy of Agriculture and the Rural Society of ASEAN: With a Focus on Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos 982.9. Strategies to Improve Educational and Training Programs for Farmers 992.10. A Study on Decentralization of Rural Policy: Centered on the Case Study of the England's Rural Development Policy 1012.11. A Study on Rural Landscape Management and Policy Directions 1032.12. An Analysis of Vertical Coordination in Agri-business 1052.13. Strategies of Successful Agri-Business CEOs 1072.14. A Study of Agricultural and Rural Development Plan in Chongwon County 1092.15. A Agricultural and Rural Development Plan for the Spatial Specialization in Hwa-Cheon County 1122.16. Strategies for the Development of Black Raspberry inGochang County 1142.17. Improving Assistance Scheme for Private Property Damage Caused by Natural Disasters 1172.18. Evaluation of and Recommendations for Korean Official Development Assistance(ODA) in Agricultural and Rural Sector 1192.19. A Study on the Jecheon's Five-Year Basic Plan to Improve Rural Residents' Quality of Life 1232.20. Agricultural and Rural Development Plan for Jincheon-gun 1242.21. Construction of Integrated Agricultural Water Management System in Korea 1262.22. A Study on Assessment and Management for Selecting the First Industrial City Model 1282.23. Configuring Agri-Business Models through Multiple Case Studies 1292.24. A Study on Measuring Urban and Rural Residents' Quality of Living Indices. 1303. AGRICULTURAL OUTLOOK AND INFORMATION3.1. A Study on Determinants of Seasonal Supply and Price of Produce in Korea: With Special Emphasis on Weather Conditions 1333.2. Quarterly Livestock Model 1353.3. Development of an Integrated Agricultural Outlook Information System 1373.4. A Study on Improved Apple Production Forecasting Methods 1383.5. An Analysis on the Impact of US Beef Re-entry to Korean Market 1393.6. Strategies of Developing State-run Trade for Spicy Vegetables 1403.7. Agricultural Outlook for 2006 1413.8. Quarterly Report on Agricultural and Rural Economy 1423.9. Monthly Outlook for Fruit-bearing Vegetables 1433.10. Monthly Fruits Outlook 1453.11. Monthly Vegetable Outlook 1463.12. Livestock Outlook 1474. AGRICULTURAL POLICY RESEARCH4.1. An Analysis of Facilitating HR Inflow to Farming and Their Settlement 1514.2. Agriculture in Korea 1534.3. An Analysis of Regional Agricultural Capability by Using Agricultural Census Data 1554.4. An Analysis on Lower-Income Earning Farm Households' Economy 1564.5. A Research on the Farm Household Debt and Development of Farm Bankruptcy and Workout Program 1584.6. Development & Policy Simulation of Macro- econometric Model With Emphasis on Agricultural Sector 1614.7. Consulting Report on Agricultural Marketing for Agricultural Cooperatives in Damyang County 1634.8. A Study on Database System Construction for Supporting the Market Opening-driven Agricultural Restructuring 1644.9. Evaluation on "2004 Agricultural Public Finance Management Planning" 1664.10 Revised Direction of Basic Act on Agriculture and Rural Communities 1684.11 A Study on Introduction of Direct Payment Measures for Upland Field 1694.12 A Study on Development Strategies of Regional Agricultural Clusters 1714.13. Improving the Evaluation System for the Local Government's Agricultural Policy 1734.14. A Study on Modelling and Management of Korea Agricultural Outlook Model (KREI-ASMO 2005) 1744.15. A Study on Performance Evaluation of Korea Agricultural Outlook Model (KREI-ASMO) 1754.16. A Study on Modelling and Management of OECD World Agricultural Outlook Model (Aglink 2005) 1765. FOREST POLICY RESEARCH5.1. Direction for Direct Payment Program Introduction to Forestry Sector 1795.2. Economic Analysis on Heat Energy Development with Woody Biomass and Measures to Supply Forest Residues for Energy 1805.3. A Scheme for Developing Agroforestry Policy 1825.4. A Study of Compliance Survey and Measures for Improving Forestry Regulations 1845.5. Monitoring Financial Performance of Major Forest Projects 1855.6. A Basic Study of Hosting 2010 Forest Expo 1865.7. Status of Non-Tariff Barriers and Market Survey for Developing Strategic Export Items Among Non-Timber Forest Products 1875.8. A Study on the Aggregation Realities of Statistics of Forest Products and Proposals for Improvement 1885.9. A Study on Standard Chestnut Yield Calculation for Insurance Program 1905.10. A Basic Study on Fostering Forest and Mountain Village Cluster 1925.11. Monthly Outlook for Chestnut 1935.12. Monthly Outlook for Oak-mushroomt 1946. INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURAL TRADE RESEARCH6.1. Mid- and Long-term Outlook for Chinese Agriculture Until 2014 1976.2. Establishment of Northeast Asian Economic Cooperation and Strategies for Korean Agriculture 1996.3. Strategies for Local Agricultural Sector To Cope With Free Trade Agreements 2026.4. A Study on the Strategies for 2005 DDA Agricultural Negotiation 2046.5. Evolution and Evaluation of WTO Negotiations on Agriculture 2066.6. The Situation of Livestock Farming in North Korea and Cooperation between the North and South 2076.7. 2005 FANEA Annual Report 2096.8. The Meaning of Granting Market Economy Status(MES) to China and Its Impacts on Korean Agriculture 2116.9. A Study of Developing Comprehensive Agricultural Assistance Plan for North Korea 2136.10 The Strategy of Establishing and Developing South and North Korean Model Farm Co-Operation 2146.11 Contingency Plan to Consolidate Agricultural Sectors against Unexpected Urgent Unification of Two Koreas 2156.12. Impact of Korea-US FTA on the Korean Agricultural Sector 2196.13. China-Japan-Korea FTA: Effects on and Policy Implications for the Korean Agricultural Sector 2216.14. KREI Quarterly Report on North Korean Agricultural Trends 2236.15. Online Report on World Agriculture 2257. INFORMATION SERVICE7.1. 2004 Poll Result on Farmers' Attitude Changes and Pending Problems 2298. SPECIAL RESEARCH8.1. Shipping-point Marketing of Agricultural Producer Corporations and Related Policies of Local Government in Japan 2338.2. Current Situation and Prospect of Kiwifruit Industry in New Zealand 235-
dc.titleThe abstracts of KREI reports 2005-
dc.title.alternativeThe abstracts of KREI reports 2005-
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