FTA 확산에 대응한 농업협력추진체계 및 발전 전략 연구 : 국제농업개발협력을 중심으로

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The Establishment of International Agricultural Development Cooperation
Many developing countries such as Vietnam and China want to learn the successful agricultural development strategies which have supported the rapid economic development of Korea. International society also demands Korea to expand Official Development Assistance(ODA)funds for agricultural developments of developing countries. In response of the demand of international society, the Korean government will extend the ODA by the 0.1 percent of Gross National Income(GNI) in 2009, and this trend will be kept by the year of 2015. Although Korean has strong will to increase the ODA, the operational system for the international agricultural development cooperation is still the not-well-established system. During the past several decades, every agricultural organizations in relation to international cooperation had their own implementation schemes which led to low performance of international agricultural development cooperation. It is, therefore, new agenda of Korean agricultural policy to design the efficient and effective mechanism for the agricultural development cooperation with developing countries as well as international agencies. This study investigates the current situations of implementing international agricultural development cooperations, evaluates the performance of agricultural policies for the international agricultural cooperation, and suggests the Korean agricultural development model as the unique agricultural development model for the developing countries. The Korean agricultural development model includes the vision, missions, basic directions, and detailed strategies for transferring the Korea model to many developing countries.
서 론국제농업개발협력사업의 개념과 의의우리나라 국제협력사업의 실태우리나라 국제농업개발협력사업의 실태주요 농업선진국의 국제협력사업 실태정보통신·에너지 분야의 국제협력한국형 국제농업개발협력모형의 구축
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