FTA 대응을 위한 제주형 밭농업 직접지불제 연구

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A Study on Introduction of Direct Payment Policy for Upland Filed of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
The objective of this study are to design direct payment for upland filed of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province through analysis the structure of Korean upland filed industry and the Korean direct payment programs under the growing agricultural trade liberalization. In addition, this study explore alternatives regarding direct payment for upland filed polices direction within the following diversity ways to enhance farm household income and a means to boost multi-functional roles of agriculture. Major change in agricultural policy has occurred after the launch of WTO system in 1995. The developed country such as USA, EU, Japan of agricultural policies are turning from price support and production assistance to the direct payment programs not connected to price and production. According to such a movement of international trend, the Korean government has introduced the direct payment system as a means to support the income of farmers and a means to promote multi-functional roles of agriculture. however most of direct payment programs adopted in Korea has been focused on rice industry. The study was performed to establish a criteria which can be served as a reference in preparing upland direct payment program of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, by analyzing WTO agreement content and by studying about direct payment program in USA, EU and Japan. there are two policy alternatives to design the direct payment for upland filed. First, alternatives is to establish the system link to compensate lower income earning farm households(Fixed Direct Payment). Second, one is to have increased operational efficiency, multi-functional roles of agriculture(Added Direct Payment). As follows, there are various components to design the direct payment Program for upland. those are target area, method, price, cross compliance, compliance reinforcement, application system and application period etc.Researchers: Tae-Gon Kim, Yong-Sun Lee, and Joo-Nyung HeoResearch period: 2007. 10. - 2008. 2.E-mail: taegon@krei.re.kr
머리말제주특별자치도 농업의 문제점 및 발전방향제주특별자치도 밭농업 진흥과 지원대책한·미 FTA 파급영향 및 대책주요 국가의 직접지불제 실시동향과 시사점우리나라 직접지불제 특징과 문제점제주형 밭농업 직접지불제 도입방안요약 및 시사점
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