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dc.description.abstractThe main purposes of this study are as follows: 1) to compare Korean women farmers’ status and related policies with foreign women farmers’ status and related policies; 2) to define the concept and standard of agricultural co-manager; 3) to suggest the measures to improve Korean women farmers' status. The major research methods were the collection and analysis of existing data, interview, and so on. Existing related data were collected by searching the data of related research institutes and governmental organizations. Descriptive statistics such as frequencies, percentage, mean were used to organize and summarize the data. In the ratio of manager and co-manager, Korea has been lower than foreign countries. In the EU, the definition of assisting spouses was amended. Assisting spouses refer to the spouses or life partners of self-employed workers, not being employees or business partners, where they habitually, participate in the activities of the self-employed worker and perform the same tasks or ancillary tasks. In this study, agricultural co-manager refers to the man or woman who participates in the agricultural activities with his(her) manager and performs the same tasks or ancillary tasks. The standard of agricultural co-manager were suggested. Major measures to improve Korean women farmers’ status are: ① defining of the concept and standard of agricultural co-manager, ② establishment of women farmers’ legal status, ③ diffusion and improvement of family management agreement system, ④ improvement of agricultural management body registration system, ⑤ improvement of original land registration system, ⑥ improvement of taxation and property possession system, ⑦ education and propaganda of farmer confirmation system, ⑧ others.Researchers: Dae-Shik Park, Kyung-Eun ChoiResearch Period : 2008.7. ~ 2008.11.E-mail Address: pds8382@krei.re.kr-
dc.description.tableofcontents서론우리나라 여성농업인의 지위 현황과 문제점해외여성농업인의 지위 현황과 관련 정책우리나라 여성농업인의 지위향상 방안요약 및 결론-
dc.title해외 여성농업인의 지위 현황과 우리나라 여성농업인의 지위향상 방안 : 공동경영주의 개념 및 기준에 대해-
dc.title.alternativeCurrent Status of Foreign Women Farmers and Measures to Improve Korean Women Farmers’ Status-
dc.typeKREI 보고서-
dc.contributor.alternativeNamePark, Daeshik-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameChoi, Kyungeun-
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