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dc.description.abstractThis study is aimed at making suggestions on a future Chinese cabbage processing business and evaluating the feasibility of building a processing plant for it. The findings of this study are as followings. As the Chinese cabbage price is plummeting recently and the fluctuations are considerable on an annual basis, the income of cabbage farms are getting unstable. In the meantime, the size of the Kimchi market, estimated at 581.2 billion won in 2001, has increased to 1,128.8 billion won by 2008. The Kimchi manufacturers number about 690, 70% of which is small business with annual sales of less than 500 million won. While the average annual sales of agricultural cooperatives is medium size with about 6 billion won, the average operating profit rate of their Kimchi plants is about 1.8%, even higher than that of large-size enterprises. It is advisable that vegetable processing business of Jeongseon County should initially base its products on pickled Chinese cabbage, gradually increase the rate of finished products of Kimchi, and additionally develop convenient processed goods using spices such as hot pepper and garlic, and pickled goods utilizing edible/medicinal herbs. Also, it should apply the supply system based on contract with companies/institutes in order for stable business, line up products for higher plant operating ratio, and statisticallycooperate with companies in southern parts. Hwawon agricultural cooperativepresents a good example for benchmarking. The processing plant should be medium-sized with 30 tons of daily productivity. In order to fulfill this target production, 7,260~9,300㎡ of land and 270~350 million won budget is required. Relevant facilities, including processing units, chilling system, general warehouse and waste water treatment system, complying with HACCP, require building area of 2,814㎡ (total area of 3,078㎡) and budget of 2.5 billion won. About 760 million won will go to mechanic systems such as pickling, cleansing and packing system, and 180 million won will go to equipments including chilling vehicles, general conveyances and forklift trucks. Potential areas for the plant were evaluated in terms of Chinese cabbage-related infrastructure, established similar systems, traffic conditions, and access to the labor force, and as a result, Nam-myeon of the southeast part turned to have the biggest advantage.For the operator, the Chinese cabbage processing business is expected to remain in the red for the first 2 years and then begin to show a profit in the 3rd year. It will be established as a sound business in the 5th year with a total production of 7,200 tons, sales of 12.5 billion won, and operating profits of 10.28 billion won. Building a Chinese cabbage processing plant in Jeongseon County will give the local economy diverse benefits, such as stable farm income, more employment opportunities, and higher production and value-added. Given these, as contract farming is promoted, farmers will have favorable attitude to having the plant in their community. About 72~105 people are expected to get newly employed, which will generate 1.3~2.1 billion won of income each year. Since the long-term ripple effect that the plant will give to the local economy is a lot higher than the amount invested, the public investment by the county seems to be feasible. However, it should be noted that those evaluations above depend on diverse hypotheses, especially on the assumption that the plant operation period is longer than the local production period of Chinese cabbage.-
dc.description.tableofcontents제1장 서론제2장 정선군 농업 및 배추 수급 현황제3장 김치시장의 현황과 구조제4장 배추가공사업 추진방향제5장 소요 시설·예산 및 입지 평가제6장 배추가공공장 설립 타당성제7장 요약 및 결론참고 문헌-
dc.title배추가공(김치, 절임)공장 설치 타당성 검토-
dc.title.alternativeA Study on the Feasibility of Building a Chinese Cabbage Processing Plant-
dc.typeKREI 보고서-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameLee, Yongsun-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameJeon, Changgon-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameKim, Donghoon-
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