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dc.description.abstractThis study is designed to set up a master plan to establish the Global Kimchi Research Institute which will be the global hub for studies on kimchi. The study deals with issues that need to be considered in constructing the master plan, such as organization type, management direction, prerequisites for selecting the institute's location, and construction plan. After examining closely the conditions and prospects of the domestic and overseas kimchi markets, the kimchi industry in Korea was examined and the strategies to employ were presented. Major strategies such as development of a menu suitable to global tastes, differentiation of domestic kimchi from foreign ones, and marketing and publicizing of the benefits of kimchi must be undertaken. However, this study did not systematically examine the research and development performed by domestic universities and companies. The Global Kimchi Research Institute should be able to perform a lot of functions, such as comprehensive basic research, promotion, marketing, and hands-on experience of kimchi for its globalization. In view of the benefits of using the existing human resources and facilities, as well as budget saving and rapid foundation, this study reviewed the idea of establishing the Global Kimchi Research Institute as a government-funded research branch in the initial stage, and later on, an independent institute with functions expanded to cover research on other fermented food. The prerequisites and criteria for selecting the site of Global Kimchi Research Institute are suggested. The items to consider in evaluating the site are the infrastructure for research and industry development, the surroundings of the location, and the will of the local government. A mid to long-term road map was developed to differentiate the global research institute from existing academic and corporate research centers, that is, to ensure research for public good, provide systemic support to companies, assist the construction of a safety system, promote public relations activities and education for kimchi's globalization, and assist program development to help the institute stand on its own feet. Lastly, though the location of the Global Kimchi Research Institute is not yet determined, an architectural design was drawn after reviewing similar projects of the past. The plottage and building area are set at no less than 13,014㎡ and 4,844.19㎡ respectively. Also, a six-story building for research and a two-story structure for exhibition and hands-on experience are planned. The construction of the Global Kimchi Research Institute is essential at this moment in time to consolidate Korea' standing as the originating country of kimchi and increase its competitiveness. The research institute should play the role as a 'control tower' of kimchi studies because the existing research on kimchi is performed randomly by diverse companies and universities without continuity. When the research institute settles down and functions properly, it is necessary to expand the research fields to include those of other fermented food that Korea excels in and maximize the synergy from the research, thus maximizing the value creation in the domestic agricultural sector. Even though the location of the institute is not yet decided when this study is made, we find it suitable to locate the institute in a non-metropolitan area in consideration of related local infrastructure, cultural background, and the passion of local governments. When the construction site is selected, it is necessary to launch a working group (tentatively named the Construction Working Group for Global Kimchi Research Institute) and draw up a detailed plan on management organization and operation system. Although the functions to be performed by the Global Kimchi Research Institute are suggested in detail, it is necessary to reshape the road map at the future advisory committee of the institute.-
dc.description.tableofcontents제1장 서 론제2장 세계 김치시장의 여건 변화와 전망제3장 세계김치연구소의 비전과 운영전략제4장 세계김치연구소의 입지요건과 선정기준제5장 세계김치연구소의 중장기 연구개발 방향제6장 세계김치연구소 건축계획제7장 요약 및 결론부록 1: 김치시장 현황과 전망부록 2: 세계김치연구소 설립 마스터플랜 수립을 위한 조사표부록 3: 세계김치연구소 설립 마스터플랜 수립을 위한 전문가 조사 결과참고 문헌-
dc.title세계김치연구소 설립 마스터플랜 수립-
dc.title.alternativeBlueprint for a Master Plan to Establish Global Kimchi Research Institute-
dc.typeKREI 보고서-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameChoi, Jihyeon-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameJeon, Changgon-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameChoi, Byungok-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameKim, Donghoon-
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