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dc.description.abstractSouth Korea has recently supported a massive amount of foods to North Korea. It is expected to be continued for the future. Most people are recognizing the necessity of food support to North Korea for the humanitarian purposes, however, support form should be changed. It is necessary to diversify and improve the support form to North Korea in order to enhance the impacts of food support. This study was conducted as follows: First, it is to analyze the impacts of food support in order to effectively supply foods to North Korea. Second, it is to review the food aid system of the advanced donating countries and to suggest the policy tasks that can be considered at the current stage. This study aims to provide basic policy directions that can contribute to establishing effective food aid policies in the future based on the assumption that the food aid to North Korea will be continued for humanitarian purposes. For these purposes, main topics of this study are as follows: First, it is to investigate the current situation of the supply and demand for foods in North Korea and South Korea’s food support to North Korea. Second, it is to analyze the effect of food support to North Korea on the grain market in South Korea. Third, it is to investigate a food aid system of the international community, specially, the U.S., and to review its possibility for applying the system in the procedure of South Korea’s food aids to North Korea. Last, it is to review the direction of food aid program to North Korea and to suggest the related policies.-
dc.description.tableofcontents제1장 서론제2장 북한의 식량수급과 대북 식량지원 실태제3장 대북 식량지원의 효과제4장 미국의 대외 식량원조제5장 정책과제제6장 요약부록 1 관련 통계부록 1 관련 통계 100부록 2 식량차관 관련 합의서 주요 내용참고 문헌-
dc.title대북 식량지원의 효과와 정책과제-
dc.title.alternativeThe Effects of Food Aid to North Korea and Policy Issues-
dc.typeKREI 보고서-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameKim, Younghoon-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameSung, Myunghwan-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameNam, Minji-
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