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dc.description.tableofcontents1. 머리말2. 농가소득의 동향과 문제3. 농외소득정책의 평가4. 농외소득 증대를 위한 정책방향-
dc.description.tableofcontentsWith the market liberalization and economic setback, agricultural income isbeing reduced. Besides, with the shrink of the medium and small sizedcorporations in rural areas since the foreign exchange crisis, the non-farmincome is also getting smaller.As a consequence, the average income of farm households is only 80.6% of thatof urban households. Those conditions that have brought the income shrinkage arebelieved to continue for some time.This study explains the importance and limitations of non-farm incomeas a solution for the income problem, and proposes some ideas for thedevelopment of non-farm income sources.Particular emphasis is put on the rural area revitalization program whichcombines the "Green Tourism," utilizing amenable rural landscapes, traditionalcultures, and direct farming experiences.-
dc.title농외소득의 실태와 정책방향-
dc.title.alternativeThe State of Non-Farm Income and Pokicy Implications-
dc.typeKREI 논문-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameOh, Naewon-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameGim, Uhnsoon-
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