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dc.description.tableofcontents1. 머리말2. 중국의 쌀 수급현황3. 중국 양곡정책의 변화4. 양곡 유통 및 무역정책5. 맺음말-
dc.description.tableofcontentsMain goal of China's grain management policy is food security and economicdevelopment. Before the 1978 reform, grain policy focused on production orsufficient supply of food. However, after the reform, the major goal of grainmanagement policy has been changed to securing farm income and high qualityfood. In a Northeastern part of China, rice production and marketing systemfaces a rapid change.Chinese farmers increase "Green Food" labeled rice using less chemicals andmarket their products on contract with big marketing companies. China increasesits international competitiveness in rice industry. Quality oriented riceproduction and policy in China will become a major factor to the rice industryin Korea.-
dc.title중국의 미곡정책-
dc.title.alternativeRice Policy in China-
dc.typeKREI 논문-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameChoi, Seikyun-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameLee, Soohaeng-
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