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dc.description.tableofcontents1. 서론2. 중국 축산업 현황3. 중국 축산업의 국제경쟁력4. 중국축산업의 문제점 및 전망5. 시사점-
dc.description.tableofcontentsThis paper is to estimate competitiveness of China's livestock industryappling the Revealed Comparative Advantage(RCA) index. In the case of liveanimal, China's competitiveness has been decreased and the RCA index reducedfrom 4.3 in 1983 to 1.3 in 1999. The index shows that China's live animal stillmaintains international competitiveness. However, the cattle industry does notmaintain international competitiveness with decreasing RCA indexes of 0.3 in1999 and 0.9 in 1983.The live swine industry and the poultry industry have strong internationalcompetitiveness with high RCA indexes of 5.6 for live swine and 3.7 for poultry.For the meat industry, only poultry meat is evaluated to have competitiveness.This result is from a simple calculation with export data and does not includethe other factors determining internationalcompetitiveness.-
dc.title중국 축산업의 국제경쟁력 분석-
dc.title.alternativeInternational Competitiveness of China's Livestock Industry-
dc.typeKREI 논문-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameLee, Soohaeng-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameChoi, Seikyun-
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