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dc.description.tableofcontents1. 서론2. 조림투자환경 및 조림투자실태-
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe purpose of this paper is to analyze the feasibility of aforestationinvestment in Indonesia which can be crucial for assuring the sustainment of atimber supply and securing a carbon emission permission. The analysis considereda profitability aspect of the investment, and simultaneously a social economyside of investment environments.The results show that the social economy environment of Indonesia isunstable, but tend to be less unstable due to the progressing of stabilizingpolitical situations. The validity of the aforestation investment is to beevaluated highly feasible in the profitability side.Overall, planting trees in Indonesia can be feasible if the site is properlychosen and the rotation age is shorten for avoiding the unstability.-
dc.title인도네시아 조림투자의 타당성 분석-
dc.title.alternativeFeasibility Study of Aforestation Investment in Indonesia-
dc.typeKREI 논문-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameShon, Cheolho-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameSeok, Hyundeok-
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