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dc.description.abstract농산물 시장에서 지역 간 경쟁구도가 심화되고 있다. 정부의 정책은 지방의 자율성과 책임을 강화하는 방향으로 재편되고 있다. 이처럼 시장 환경과 정책 환경이 변화하는 가운데 지방자치단체 농정의 중요성은 날로 커지고 있다. 장수군은 통합적 농정 기획과 추진, 창의적 시책 발굴 등에 많은 노력을 기울인 곳으로 알려져 있다. 기초 지방자치단체 수준에서는 드물게 농가의 농업생산 현황과 소득 등에 관한 광범위한 통계 데이터베이스를 구축하여 정책 실행에 활용하고 있다. 지역의 전략 품목을 육성하기 위해 민‧관이 함께 하는 정책사업 실행 조직을 운용해 왔다. 지역순환농업 체계 구축이라는 목표를 두고 경종 부문과 축산 부문의 연계를 위해 많은 노력을 기울이고 있다. 이 연구는 지역농업을 발전시키려는 장수군의 다각적 노력이 어떤 결과를 낳았는지 그리고 개선해야 할 점은 무엇인지 살펴보려는 취지에서 시작되었다. 최근 몇 년 동안 이루어진 장수군 농정의 변화 과정을 정리했으며, 농업 생산과 소득 측면의 변화를 분석했다.-
dc.description.abstractJangsu-gun set up 'Five Year Scheme for Differentiation' in 2005 and has innovated its agricultural administration system and planned and pursued creative policies since then. The present study aimed at examining the current situation, accomplishment, limitation of the agricultural administration of Jangsu-gun and finding a course to be pursued in the future for improving it. Specifically, following several researching objectives were defined. Firstly, the present study intended to examine the agricultural situation of Jangsu-gun, the innovation process for the agricultural administration of the region, and the current system pursued, and to find out the accomplishment of implemented policies. Secondly, in the present study, the changes in agricultural economy of Jangsu-gun and the contribution of agricultural administration for Jangsu-gun to the changes were analyzed. Thirdly, the present study tried to find an advanced course of agricultural administration and strategies to be pursued for Jangsu-gun so that Jangsu-gun could keep up with environmental changes of the outside. The present study examined the current agricultural situation of Jangsu-gun and inspected the innovation process of the agricultural administration of the last several years. The farming industry of Jangsu-gun has changed in several aspects during a short period of time. Some changes were induced by the innovation of agricultural administration. In the present study, interviews with government employees, who worked for the agricultural administration of Jangsu-gun, performed in 2006 and 2009, and relevant statistical data and documentation were analyzed and in doing so the background where the current agricultural administration system was established , and characteristics and accomplishment of the system were examined. Agricultural household economy of the Jangsu-gun was investigated with every agricultural household involved so that a long-term vision for the development of the farming industry of Jangsu-gun could be suggested. Based on the result, ‘Five Year Scheme for Differentiation’ was set up. Through the scheme, unique agricultural administration projects such as ‘regional circular agriculture’, ‘5‧3 Project’ that was creating more than 3,000 households with income of more than fifty million won, ‘operation of an agricultural university', and 'activation of back-to-earth and return-to-the-soil movement' were pursued. In 2009, the agricultural income of farming households of Jangsu-gun was increased by 4.7% compared to the previous year. Considering that the national agricultural income during the same period was reduced, it was outstanding accomplishment. The average agricultural income of farming households of Jangsu-gun in 2009 was estimated at approximated 20 million and 750 thousand won. It was assumed that there were more than 700 farming households with income of more than 50 million won. The number of farming households with income of more than 50 million won had annually increased by 10.3% on the average since 2006. Several plans for Jangsu-gun to deal with environmental changes and improve its agricultural administration further are suggested as follows. Firstly, it is required to rearrange organizational and human conditions needed for planning and managing integrated policies. The current agricultural administration organization is in a less effective state in terms of integrated policy planning and management compared to several years ago. Secondly, it is needed to improve the data management system of ‘5‧3 Project.' It is also required to design a sample survey to ensure the reliability of data. Before anything else, it is important to ensure and operate human resources which could effectively use the data for agricultural administration planning. Thirdly, project implementing units for supporting local farmers such as ‘Jangsu Korean Beef Business Unit’ should be transformed into corporations separated from Jangsu County. The business units should become local public corporate bodies or social corporations in a proper form which could create a certain amount of income and contribute to the local society at the same time. Fourthly, to boost marketing of agricultural and livestock products , producing-place distribution for fruits and vegetables should be more organized centering around S-APC. In addition, various kinds of 'short-cut marketing' strategies such as direct sales at farms, postal and internet sales, local festivals, and antenna shops should be established to prepare for the expected increase in tourists so that the local brand value of agricultural and livestock products of Ja ngsu-gun could be improved. Lastly, 'regional circular agricultural system establishment' that has been intensively pursued by the agricultural administration of Jangsu-gun should be advanced in a more organized and gradual way. It is also important to make an effort to secure required financial resources. Researchers: Jeong-Seop Kim, Ho-Gun Chong, and Joo-Nyung HeoE-mail address: jskkjs@krei.re.kr-
dc.description.tableofcontents제Ⅰ장 서 론제Ⅱ장 장수군의 농업 여건과 농정 혁신 과정제Ⅲ장 장수군 농가경제 분석제Ⅳ장 장수군 지역농업을 둘러싼 환경의 변화제Ⅴ장 장수군 농정 발전 방안-
dc.title장수군 농가경제 분석 및 농정 발전 방안-
dc.title.alternativeAn analysis of agricultural household economy of Jangsu-gun and strategy for the local agricultural development policy process-
dc.typeKREI 보고서-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameKim, Jeongseop-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameChung, Hoguen-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameHeo, Joonyung-
dc.relation.isPartOf장수군 농가경제 분석 및 농정발전방안-
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