OECD 농업분야 논의동향분석 및 대응전략수립

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A Study on the Agenda for 2010 Agricultural related meetings in OECD
OECD 농업위원회에서는 회원국들의 제안을 바탕으로 2년마다 작업계획을 수립하여 최근 농정현안과 관련하여 각 회원국의 관심사항을 논의하고 미래 농업정책의 방향을 제시하고 있음. 이러한 논의는 각국의 농업정책 개혁의 바탕이 되고 있고 다자무역협상에서도 협상의 방향을 제시하는 등 중요한 역할을 하고 있으므로 모든 회원국들이 자국의 농업정책과 OECD의 논의내용이 조화를 이룰 수 있도록 적극적으로 자국 입장을 표명하고 있음. 우리나라는 1996년 12월 OECD에 회원국으로 가입하였으며, 농업위원회와 산하 3개 작업반, 그리고 수산위원회 활동에 꾸준히 참여해 오고 있음이 연구에서는 농업위원회와 산하 3개 작업반, 그리고 수산위원회에서의 2010년도 논의 의제를 검토하고, 우리나라의 입장을 반영할 수 있도록 의제별 대응방안을 마련하는 것이 주된 목적임.
OECD Committee for Agriculture (CoAg) and the subsidiary bodies(Agri-cultural Policy and Markets Working parties, Joint Working Party on Agriculture and Trade, Joint Working Party on Agriculture and Environment) held meetings regularly at least 9 times a year. Committee for Agriculture, JWPAT and JWPAE meet twice a year respectively and APM three times. This study analyzes the issues discussed at the sessions of 154th and 155th of Coag, 51st and 52nd sessions of APM, 63rd and 64th session of JWPAT, 30th and 31st session of JWPAE held in 2010. In 2010, Agricultural Ministerial Meeting was held in OECD to identify the issues for next 20 years and agreed that food security, trade and climate changes needs special consideration for the sustainable agriculture. The last Ministerial Meeting was held in 1988. At the 154th and 155th OECD Committee for Agriculture, discussions were held on the main agendas of 2010-2012 Program of Work and Budget. Global relation strategy to enlarge the engagement with non-members in the future were discussed. Committee discussed how toreallocate the work between APM and JWPAT but could not reach an agreement. APM agendas cover very broad ranges including outlook, PSE, risk management, food value chain, price volatility, policy evaluation of member countries, agriculture and development etc. JWPAT held twice and each meeting was one day session due to the long stalled Doha negotiation. Economic analysis of Non-tariff measures, Trade pattern of processed food, Regional Free Trade Agreement were the main issues discussed in 2010. JWPAT covers environment related agricultural policies including water quality, climate changes, green growth strategy, etc. It also monitors the recent environment related agricultural policy development in member countries selectively. Each agenda discussed at the OECD is leading the global policy issues in agriculture and could be applied in the policy field usefully. Therefore, more efforts should be made to disseminate the results of the declassified OECD papers to policy makers and researchers in domestic. Researchers: SONG, Joo-Ho, Chang-gil Kim, Ho-guen Chung, Han-pil Moon, Dae-hum Kwon, Kyu-Dam Cho, Woo-rim ChoE-mail address: jhsong@krei.re.kr
제1장 서론제2장 OECD 개황제3장 농업각료회의 논의 내용 및 대응제4장 농업위원회 회의 논의 내용 및 대응제5장 농업정책과 시장 작업반 회의 논의 동향 및 대응제6장 농업과 무역 합동작업반 회의 논의 동향 및 대응제7장 농업과 환경 합동작업반 회의 논의 동향 및 대응제8장 수산위원회 논의 동향 및 대응제9장 요약 및 대응방안
OECD 농업분야 논의동향분석 및 대응전략수립
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