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dc.description.abstract한국 농업은 시장개방이 확대되는 가운데 농업생산의 축소과정을 겪고 있다. 농업경영은 이미 소수의 대규모 경영과 다수의 영세규모 경영으로 분화하는 양극화 현상이 나타난다. 양극화의 진행과 함께 도농간 소득격차와 농업내부의 계층간 소득격차가 확대되고 있다. 소득문제 해결의 중요한 수단이 ‘농업의 6차산업화’이다. 6차산업화는 영세 고령농가를 지역단위로 조직화하여 농촌지역에서 고용을 창출하고 소득을 향상하여 농촌지역을 활성화하는 전략이다. 중국과 일본에서는 이미 1990년대부터 활발하게 전개되고 있다. 농업의 6차산업화란 농업생산이라는 1차산업을 중심으로 하여, 농산물 가공이나 특산품 개발 등 2차산업과 직판장이나 음식업, 숙박업, 관광업 등 3차산업을 ‘농촌지역’에서 담당하는 것을 말한다. 즉 농업이 가지는 생산적인 측면을 기본으로 하되, 이것을 농산물 가공이나 특산품 개발로 연계하고, 나아가 농촌주민 주도로 농식품 유통, 농업·농촌관련 정보, 도소매업, 관광산업 등으로 연계하면 농촌내부에 일자리를 만들고 부가가치를 높이는 효과가 나타난다. 이 연구에서는 6차산업화를 둘러싼 중국과 일본의 동향, 아직 초보적인 단계에 있기는 하지만 우리나라의 실태, 향후 6차산업화의 성공적인 확산을 위한 과제 등을 제시하였다.-
dc.description.abstractAmid the progress of aging of rural population under the petty agriculture structure and expansion of market opening, the income gap between social classes while the reduction of farmhouse income is appearing as a critical issue in agricultural administration. As one of the solutions to tackle such problems, the sixth industry of agriculture, which boosts additional value and creates jobs by utilizing various resources of agriculture is spreading; it also demonstrates an active and political response. The sixth industry of agriculture basis on the primary industry, agriculture production, rather than the route of the existing and improved simple agriculture structure, which expands areas of farmland or capital scale; it enlarges its business areas to the secondary industry, such as processing of agriculture products and development of specialty and distribution of agriculture products or direct trading to the third industry, urban-rural exchange in order to solve employment and income issues of regions. Thus, this research aims for exploring trends of Japan and China with respect to the sixth industry and suggesting effects as well as development directions through domestic cases in early stage and further offering development probability and conditions as CB. In the research result, Korea expects propagation probability of the business that materializes a higher value-added business in addition to creating employment by expanding into processing and direct dealing on the basis of agriculture production by leading the sixth industry of agriculture, namely individual management or farm corporations. First, however, there seems to be problems in lack of spontaneity of regional residents when combining challenges demonstrated in case surveys. Second, activities and project compositions that concentrated on discovery and characteristics of natural resources of regions. Third, regional leaders who play a critical role in the sixth industry. The system could be an alternative for disadvantageous areas or small stratum through farmhouse unitization where an income gap between social classes is prevalent or decline in earnings is expected due to expansion of market opening. The foundation of the sixth industry requires unionization by village according to residents' accord. With this, reduction in production costs is possible in the price falling stage of agricultural products. Next, expand employment opportunity by introducing agricultural items, such as vegetable and flowering plant that require simple labor and expands business areas through development of specialty, direct trading, mutual exchange, and tourism, including processed goods using agriculture resources and further create higher value-added businesses. Researchers: Kim, Tae-Gon, Heo, Joo-NyungE-mail address: taegon@krei.re.kr-
dc.description.tableofcontents제1장 서론제2장 6차산업화의 개념과 발전유형제3장 외국의 6차산업화 사례와 특징제4장 한국의 6차산업화 실태와 평가제5장 마을공동체회사의 실태와 평가제6장 6차산업화의 과제와 요건제7장 요약 및 결론-
dc.title농업의 6차산업화와 부가가치 창출방안-
dc.title.alternativeCreation of Value-added Farming in line with the Sixth Industry-
dc.typeKREI 보고서-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameKim, Taegon-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameHeo, Joonyung-
dc.relation.isPartOf커뮤니티 비즈니스의 중장기 육성전략(3의1차년도)-
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