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Mid and Long-term Plan for aT Overseas Operations
농식품 수출은 2010년 59억불, 2011년 77억불로 매년 역대 최고치를 경신하면서 수출을 통한 농림수산식품부문의 성장동력 확보에 기여하고 있다. 농식품 수출은 농가 소득의 향상, 식품기업의 부가가치 창출, 국내 농산물 가격의 안정 및 우리나라 식문화 수출 등 국가 경제·사회·문화에 미치는 영향이 크다. 최근 유럽, 일본, 중국 등 글로벌 식품기업의 해외진출이 확대되고, 태국, 일본 등은 자국음식의 글로벌화를 위해 해외마케팅을 강화하는 상황에서 우리나라 농식품 수출의 증대와 한식세계화의 성공적 추진은 중요한 농정과제 중의 하나이다. 2017년 농식품 수출 200억불 목표를 수립하고 있는 시점에서 우리 농식품의 현지시장 진입확대를 위해 해외마케팅의 첨병 역할을 하고 있는 농수산물유통공사(이하 aT)의 역할이 더욱 중요하게 대두되고 있다. 본 연구는 변화하는 세계 식품환경에 대응하기 위해 aT 해외조직망의 운영체계를 재정립하고, 기능과 역할을 강화하여 새로운 사업방향을 제시하고자 추진되었다.
This study was performed as part of a strong initiative to expand overseas markets to achieve the goal of agro-foods and fisheries export of USD 20 billion by 2017. It has closely looked at and redesigned the current operating system of Overseas aT Centers, the name of aT’s overseas operations, in alignment with the changing export environment, and considered ways to boost their functions and roles. The plans for new advance into strategically important countries and operations at those sites were also drafted. The vision of Overseas aT Centers is set as “growing into a globally competitive overseas hub for agro-food export.” To realize the vision, the study proposes three objectives for Overseas aT Centers as follows: First, Overseas aT Centers need to open and run 25 to 30 centers in six regional blocks around the world by 2020. Second, the export rates of the regions with Overseas aT Centers should be boosted up to 90%. Third, the export contribution of the Overseas aT Center-located regions should be increased to 30%. The study suggests five key directions supporting the medium and long-term growth of Overseas aT Centers. First, the Centers should be more systematically operated by expanding geographical reach and enlarging the coverage of each Center. Second, efficient export support system should be established through proper staffing. Third, the Center's business capability should be improved by accumulating more expertise, and the one-stop services for export and import should be available. Fourth, HQ and Overseas aT Centers should more closely coordinate on business, and the Center's autonomy and efficiency in project management should be improved by amending project operating system such as budget reform. And lastly, over the long haul, Overseas aT Centers should nurture individual business capability by initiating projects on their own and pursue for securing more independent and auto-nomous management.Researchers: Ji-hyeon Choi, In-bae Ji, Jae-bong ChangResearch period: 2011. 9 ~ 2011. 12E-mail address:
제1장 서 론제2장 국내외 농식품 수출여건 변화제3장 aT 해외조직망 운영실태와 당면문제제4장 국내외 유관기관의 농식품수출 지원체계제5장 해외조직망 중장기 목표 및 사업추진 방향제6장 해외조직망 중장기 발전전략
aT 해외조직망 중장기 운영계획 수립용역
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