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dc.description.tableofcontents1. A Study on the Cooperation Model and Strategy for Rural Development of Developing Countries2. A Study on Long-Term Forest Management Strategies(Year 2 of 2)3. Analysis of World Grain Market and Operation of World Grain Market Information System4. A Study on the Introduction of Agricultural Revenue Insurance for Farm Management Stabilization5. Development Directions for Backward Linkage Industries in the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries6. An Analysis of the Government's Current Agri-Food Policy Communications with Consumers and Suggestions for Improvement7. Mid/Long-Term Food Industry Development Strategies for Creation of Value Added in Agriculture & Fishery(Year 5 of 5)8. Rural Development Policy for Changes in Human Settlements in an Era of Rural-Urban Interaction(Year 2 of 2)9. The Current Status of Energy use and Policy in Agriculture and Rural communities10. Challenges of Agricultural and Rural Policies for their Consistency and Continuity11. A Study on the Performance Analysis of Fiscal Investment and Loan in the Agricultural Sector12. A Study on the causes and effects of farmland conversion13. Health Status of the Rural Elderly and Policy Issues14. Governance Status of Rural Commons and its Development Task15. A study on improving a livestock product-distribution system for stabilizing inflation(Year 3 of 4)16. A Study on North Korea's Agricultural Reform Measures after the Economic Crisis17. Improvement Measures for Agricultural Products Distribution System of Traditional Market at Consumption Sites18. Strategy for Developing Horiticulture and Special Crop Industry as New Growth Engine(2nd yr 2-yr project)19. A Study on Plans to Raise the Economic and Social Roles of the Women Farmers(Year 2 of 2)20. The supply and demand model and outlook of Korean forest products21. A Study on the Cost Reduction and Management Analysis of the Major Horticultural Crops22. Research on Establishing Sustainable Agriculture System in Korea23. Cooperatives' roles and its strategies for vitalizing the regional agriculture24. Externality and Policy Measures of Livestock Industry25. Activation Measures of Wholesale Distribution for Environment-Friendly Agricultural Products in Wholesale Market26. Promotion Strategy for Community Business(Year 3 of 3)27. Analysis of the Chinese Horticultural Industry and Policy Implications for the Korea-China FTA28. Welfare Analysis of Economic Agents and Distribution Analysis of Major Imported Agricultural Products after FTA-
dc.publisherKorea Rural Economic Institute-
dc.titleKREI Research Summaries 2013-
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