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dc.description.abstractConcerning accelerated rural population aging, this article introduces the concept of the marginal rate of population aging (MRPA) drawing on the economics and welfare literatures. It is defined as the marginal rate of technical substitution between aggregate capital and “aging” aggregate labor. The traditional approach to (rural or agricultural) production was based on the presumption that aging does not affect production. However, the physical and mental capability of working decreases as population becomes aged. The externality of this declining capability needs to be reflected in aggregate productions and to be treated more significantly as population becomes more aged. After a review of the trends and spatial distributions of aging in Korea, a rural town is selected in this study as a case area whose parcel-level spatial data is analyzable in terms of MRPA. This exploratory analysis is focused on whether rural economic and social welfare may become complementary in rural aggregate production with MRPA if a design of the lifetime mortgage of farming assets (LMFA) leads to large-scale production and welfare improvements.-
dc.description.tableofcontents1. 서론 2. 농촌고령화의 공간군집에 따른 농촌경제-농촌복지의 상충관계 3. 농촌경제와 농촌복지의 보완재적 관계 4. 한계고령화율에 따른 농촌경제와 농촌복지의 규모화 5. 한계고령화지역의 농촌경제-농촌복지 규모화에 대한 기초 사례분석 6. 결론 및 시사점-
dc.title한계고령화율(고령화의 한계기술대체율) 개념을 이용한 농촌지역 경제-복지의보완관계 모색 연구-
dc.title.alternativeRural Welfare and the Marginal Rate of Population Aging-
dc.typeKREI 논문-
dc.contributor.alternativeNamePark, Gil H.-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationpage. 1 - 35-
dc.subject.keyword대규모 생산-
dc.subject.keywordmarginal rate of population aging-
dc.subject.keywordrural economic welfare-
dc.subject.keywordrural social welfare-
dc.subject.keywordlarge-scale production-
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