Agriculture in Korea 2015

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Agriculture in Korea 2015
본 보고서는 한국 농업의 자원 및 구조, 농업 및 농업 관련 산업들의 동향을 살피고 한국농업에 대한 미래 전망과 비전을 해외 독자들에게 소개한다.
Since the first publication of Agriculture in Korea in 1999, the Korea Rural Economic Institute has published its revised editions five times. One of the purposes of publishing Agriculture in Korea 2015 is to explain the roles of Korean agriculture and rural communities in the country’s economic development, the changes in major agricultural policies, and the current status and challenges of farming and farm villages in Korea. This book would help overseas readers to better understand Korean agriculture by introducing the past performance, present roles, and future visions of the industry. A correct understanding of Korean agriculture will contribute to reducing unnecessary trade frictions and promoting effective international agricultural cooperation. Moreover, countries in a situation similar to the one Korea was in for the past 70 years would be provided with significant implications related to economic growth and the roles of agriculture and rural areas, development strategies and support policies.
Chapter 1 IntroductionChapter 2 Agricultural Resources and StructureChapter 3 Agriculture Industry Trends by ItemChapter 4 Agriculture-Related IndustriesChapter 5 Rural Communities and DevelopmentChapter 6 Emerging Issues in Agricultural and Rural PolicyChapter 7 The Prospects and Visions for Korean Agriculture
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