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dc.description.abstract우리 사회에서 먹거리 불안은 단일 사건이라기보다 시스템 전반에 걸친 문제로 인식되고 있다. 그에 따라 농정의 축이 생산의 관점에서 점차 소비의 관점으로 이동하고 ‘농업인의 농업’에서 ‘국민의 농업’으로 전환 중이다. 그 결정판이 새 정부의 주요 농정으로 거론되는 푸드플랜이다. 2015년 전주시는 전국 최초로 ‘전주푸드 2025플랜’을 발표했다. ‘안전하고 건강한 밥상 제공, 지속가능한 농가 일자리와 소득 창출, 지역경제 활성화의 토대를 굳건히’ 하는 방안으로 대도시 먹거리를 통합적으로 관리한다는 의도이다. 그 이면에는 먹거리를 신뢰할 수 없다면 인간다운 생활은 불가능하다는 인식이 깔려있고, 전주시는 (재)전주푸드통합지원센터를 통해 로컬푸드 직매장, 공공급식과 학교급식에 직접 관여한다. 한편, 전주농협도 중소농의 소득 증대와 신선하고 안전한 농산물로 소비자의 편익을 높이는 로컬푸드 직매장 사업에 적극 참여하고 있다. 이 연구는 ‘전주 푸드플랜’을 실천하는데 (재)전주푸드통합지원센터와 전주농협이 공동으로 추진할 수 있는 사업을 모색하는데 목적이 있다.-
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study is to find a way to cooperate between the local government and the local agricultural cooperative as the subject of the regional food plan. Jeonju-City announced 'Jeonju Food 2025 Plan', which is the first nationwide to raise the proportion of Jeonju citizen's food supply from Jeonju city farming to 5% from 20% in 2025. Jeonju-City and Jeonju-Nonghyup are willing to cooperate in order to agree on the publicity pursued by the Jeonju Food Plan and eliminate inefficient competition surrounding the local food direct market, although the objectives of the economic activity are different. Jeonju-City establishes the JFISC(Jeonju Food Integration Support Center) to combine local agricultural processing and logistics infrastructure with the 6th industry and regional development projects of agriculture to discover local products and directly participate in local food direct marketing, public food and school lunch. On the other hand, the Jeonju-Nonghyup actively participates in the local food direct sales business, which increases the income of small-sized family farmers and improves the convenience of consumers with fresh and safe agricultural products. In a regional food plan, each operator is preferred to a cooperative system rather than a competition. Minimizing the negative external outflows in the region will encourage circulation within the region and revitalize the local economy. Through joint projects, we will utilize local resources efficiently, reduce social costs, and increase the circulation of the local economy to share profits. Therefore, Jeonju-City and Jeonju-Nonghyup need a win-win cooperation scheme to intentionally reconstruct the coordination function of the agricultural products market in order to rebuild the local food distribution network. We examined four types of integrated operating system for win-win cooperation. In addition to the integrated operating organization, the Jeonju-City and Nonghyup can also carry out the following projects jointly. First, Jeonju-City school lunch support center can be installed in the APC site of Jeonju-Nonghyup owned base. Second, when establishing a local food direct market in Jeonju in the future, it is possible to open a complex store and jointly review the openable areas. Third, Jeonju-City is the leading city of Food-Plan. Production and stability management, and logistics infrastructure, it is possible to operate the local food direct market and the public food model business in the local governments of the metropolitan area. Fourth, it is possible to operate a direct shop in the shop-in-shop mode linked to local local Mart.Researchers: Jeong Eun-Mee, Choi Byung-OkResearch period: 2017. 3. ~ 2017. 8.E-mail address: jeongem@krei.re.kr-
dc.description.tableofcontents제1장 서론제2장 전주시 농업생산과 소비, 소매유통 현황제3장 로컬푸드와 ‘전주 푸드플랜’ 제4장 국내외 로컬푸드 및 푸드플랜 사례제5장 전주시민의 로컬푸드 참여 실태제6장 전주시-전주농협 상생협력 방안제7장 전주시-전주농협 공동사업 모델-
dc.title전주시·전주농협 전주푸드 상생협력방안 구축 연구-
dc.title.alternativeThe way to Cooperate Partnership of Local government and Agricultural Cooperative for Regional Food-Plan-
dc.typeKREI 보고서-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameJeong, Eunmee-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameChoi, Byungok-
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