10 Agricultural Policy Strategies and 30 Tasks for the Future

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10 Agricultural Policy Strategies and 30 Tasks for the Future
10 Agricultural Policy Strategies and 30 Tasks1. Increase the people’s trust by stably supplying safe agri-food○ Task 1: Establish an environment-friendly production environment○ Task 2: Secure the safety of agri-food○ Task 3: Maintain the base of farmland to stably produce agricultural products2. Provide happiness to the people through sympathy with various values of agriculture and rural areas○ Task 1: Increase the people’s closeness level with agriculture○ Task 2: Expand social farming○ Task 3: Spread the social value of abundant forest resources3. Make agriculture satisfying by stabilizing farm management and income and training the workforce○ Task 1: Preserve income through the direct payment program and stabilize management through insurance○ Task 2: Secure the management safety net by supporting management recovery and increasing disaster insurance○ Task 3: Strengthen policy for returning to farming and establishing agriculture-related businesses and systematize programs for training the agricultural workforce4. Create jobs by utilizing agricultural and rural conditions○ Task 1: Create social jobs in rural areas linked with culture, education, and welfare services○ Task 2: Create jobs for young people through activities of rural vitalization support groups○ Task 3: Increase jobs by boosting rural convergence industries5. Improve the quality of rural life by vitalizing communities and enhancing welfare○ Task 1: Customize rural social welfare and improve support for public assistance○ Task 2: Build a rural delivery system of social welfare and medical services○ Task 3: Vitalize social services led by local communities6. Make beautiful, pleasant rural areas○ Task 1: Establish rural plans in which agricultural production infrastructure, settlement environments, and landscape are in harmony○ Task 2: Make pleasant spaces where centers and surrounding villages are linked○ Task 3: Encourage farm activities for maintaining rurality7. Improve agricultural policy performance through decentralization○ Task 1: Divide roles of central and local governments and specify their authority and responsibility○ Task 2: Create an efficient system for regional agricultural policy implementation and promote governance○ Task 3: Strengthen the central government’s support base for decentralization8. Use finances efficiently by improving the agricultural investment and loan system and the tax system○ Task 1: Improve the efficiency of policy loans○ Task 2: Differentiate support strategies by type of policy funds and by growth stage of agricultural enterprises○ Task 3: Establish the foundation for tax system improvement to increase agricultural competitiveness9. Respond to the fourth industrial revolution and create new growth engines○ Task 1: Strengthen the private sector’s technical innovation capacity and create an ecosystem for technology-based business start-up○ Task 2: Innovate the agri-food R&D system○ Task 3: Promote new growth engine industries10. Strengthen the capacity to respond to the international situation○ Task 1: Seek ways to respond to the international trade environment, climate change and so on○ Task 2: Expand Korean agriculture through fruitful overseas agricultural development and internationalagricultural development and cooperation projects○ Task 3: Promote inter-Korean agricultural cooperation
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