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dc.description.abstract The Korea Rural Economic Institute selected 10 agricultural policy issues of Korea in 2018 as follows, considering the basic frame that agricultural policy should pursue and issues that need to be solved urgently.1) Stipulate agricultural multifunctionality in the constitution and expand direct payment programs for public purposes for sustainable development of agriculture and rural communities and for multifunctional agriculture2) Systematically set up national and regional food plans to secure basic rights to food and to build a safe food system 3) Pursue decentralization, one of the government's major national policy directions, and reform agricultural policy governance for this 4) Regenerate rural areas into beautiful, livable ones to maintain rurality and increase the sustainability of rural communities 5) Revitalize rural areas and restore rural communities by expanding the rural social economy, the major policy among people-centered agricultural policies6) Lead agricultural innovative growth through young people's farm start-up to overcome the aging of farmers and stagnant innovation capacities7) Make agriculture a future growth industry by expanding the application of fourth industrial revolution technologies to the agricultural sector8) Implement a rice production control program and reset target price to stabilize rice supply and demand9) Innovate the livestock rearing environment and the disease prevention system to improve agricultural production conditions and secure food safety10) Strengthen responses to the expansion of protectionism centered on the US and the UK and to agricultural trade issues-
dc.title10 Agricultural Policy Issues of Korea in 2018-
dc.title.alternative10 Agricultural Policy Issues of Korea in 2018-
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