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dc.description.abstract이 연구의 목적은 정부의 지방분권 추진이라는 맥락에서 농정의 지방분권을 위한 재정, 계획, 거버넌스 등 추진 체제와 관련된 제도 정비 방안 및 정책과제를 제시하는 데 있다.1차년도 연구에서는 지방분권과 관련하여 예상되는 여건 변화의 내용과 농정 추진 체제 재편의 전반적인 쟁점을 검토하고, 중앙정부의 농정 사무 중 지방 이양 대상 사업을 제시하였다. 2차년도 연구에서는 재정분권 계획이 가져올 영향을 검토하였고, ‘자치분권’이라고도 표현되는 농촌 지역 내에서의 주민 참여가 ‘계획’ 과정에서부터 활성화되어야 함을 밝히고 보완책을 제시하였다. 3차년도에 해당하는 이 연구에서는 지방농정의 관점에서 거버넌스 실태를 조사하고 제도 정비 방안 및 정책과제를 도출하고, ‘재정’과 ‘계획’을 중심으로 수행한 지난 2년 동안의 연구 결과를 종합하였다.-
dc.description.abstractBackground and Purpose This study aims to address agricultural and rural policies related to public finance, planning, and governance to decentralize agricultural administration.The first-year study reviewed overall issues of agricultural promotion system and corresponding conditions, and then presented the projects to be transferred to local governments. The second-year study investigated the effect of fiscal decentralization and proposed policies to support the decentralization.The last-year study suggests the improvement plans and policies for governance and finalizes the results of the past two years of research on finance and planningResearch MethodologyWe reviewed governance-related studies for the definition and various cases of governance and governance organizations. We surveyed and interviewed representatives and practitioners of government organizations and local government officials to analyze the current status of local agricultural governance including partnership, local decision-making process, and collecting opinions from rural residents or farmers.Key FindingsIn the agricultural policy area, there are several forms of governance, such as the “Committee of Agricultural, Rural, and Food Industry Policy Review Committee,” agricultural advisory bodies, and the Chamber of Agriculture. In the rural development policy, there are various types of governance, such as community development centers, social economy networks. Some organizations implement the agricultural project and residents' autonomy organizations as a type of governance at the township level.The “Local Agricultural Review Council(afterward, the LARC),” established by local government, deliberates local agricultural policies. Although it is an important council for agriculture, it fails to play a proper role as a governance structure due to the wrong practices of agricultural policy implementation.The purpose of the Chamber of Agriculture is to engage farmers in local agricultural policy. Its main goal is to collect farmers’ opinions and reflect them in local agricultural policies. Various activities carried out by the Chamber of Agriculture include public opinion surveys on local agricultural policies, sharing information on agricultural and rural policies, farmers’ education, planning local agricultural projects, and conveying farmers’ opinions to local governments. The Chamber of Agriculture needs to share the experiences of their activities to vitalize it as local agricultural governance. In the long run, an institutional mechanism should also be established to ensure that the representative function guarantees for the Chamber of Agriculture.(For more information, please refer to the report.)Researchers: Kim Jeongseop, Kim Namhoon, Kim Jeongseung, Cho Yeonui, Kang Maya, Lee DokyungResearch period: 2020. 1. ~ 2020. 12.E-mail address: jskkjs@krei.re.kr-
dc.description.tableofcontents제1장 서론제2장 지방농정 거버넌스 관련 정책 동향제3장 지방농정 거버넌스의 실태제4장 지방농정 거버넌스에 관한 인식과 개선 방향제5장 계획 및 재정 측면에서 본 농정의 지방분권제6장 결론-
dc.title지방분권을 위한 농정 추진 체제 개편 방안(3/3차년도)-
dc.title.alternativeImproving Measures of the Agricultural Policy Implementation System for Regional Decentralization (Year 3 of 3)-
dc.typeKREI 보고서-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameKim, Jeongseop-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameKim, Namhoon-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameKim, Jeongseung-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameCho, Yeonui-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameKang, Maya-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameLee, Dokyung-
dc.relation.isPartOf지방 분권을 위한 농정 추진 체제 개편 방안(3의3차년도)-
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