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dc.description.abstract소비자 물가 안정의 중요성이 강조됨에 따라 축산물가격의 안정을 위한 효과적인 정책대안 마련에 대한 요구가 높아지고 있다. 축산물은 전체물가에서 차지하는 비중이 매우 작지만, 생필품으로 구입 빈도가 높고 수급 상 단기변동이 많아, 소비자가 느끼는 물가 체감도는 작지 않은 것으로 인식되고 있다. 양계산물 가격의 불안정은 가축질병 발생 등으로 인한 수급변화뿐만 아니라 불합리한 유통구조도 그 원인으로 자주 거론되고 있다. 양계산물 가격안정을 위해 정부에서 여러 차례 수급 및 유통구조 개선 대책을 발표하였으나, 정책의 효과에 대한 평가는 제대로 이루어지지 못하였다. 다양한 정부대책에도 불구하고, 양계산물 가격의 불안정성이 반복되는 이유 중 하나로 양계산물 수급 및 유통구조에 대한 정보부족을 지적하고 있다. 이 연구는 축산물 중 닭고기 및 계란의 수급 및 가격 구조를 분석하고 유통실태를 조사·분석하여 개선 과제를 도출하며, 유통 관련 정책 평가와 외국사례 분석을 통하여 닭고기 및 계란의 유통구조 개선방안을 제시할 목적으로 수행되었다. 이를 위해 유통단계별로 유통주체에 대한 설문조사, 전문가 그룹을 통한 유통정책 평가, 정책모델 개발을 통한 정책의 효과 분석, 그리고 외국 사례의 분석결과를 종합하여 개선방안을 제시하였다.-
dc.description.abstractBackground of Research Although the proportion of livestock products in total consumer prices is very small, they are daily essentials with high purchase frequency and fluctuate much in demand and supply in a short period of time. We can classify the issues of price instability of livestock products which affect consumer prices into the problem of demand and supply and the problem of unreasonable distribution structure. As the importance and necessity for the stability of consumer prices are recognized more, the demand for an effective policy alternative to stabilize the price of livestock products increases. For the stabilization of livestock product prices, the government has announced policies on demand and supply and distribution structure several times already but evaluation on the effect of the policies has almost not been made to date while there is not much research being done in this regard. This research is to be performed over a period of 4 years in total targeting the markets for beef, pork, chicken, egg, duck, milk and other livestock products (ham, sausage and processed dairy products) as objects for analysis. The 2nd year research aims to develop a simulation model that enables the measuring of the effects of diversified policies (plans) by analyzing the demand and supply and the price structure of the markets for chicken and egg out of livestock products, identify the tasks for improvement by conducting surveys and analyses of the actual state of distribution, and present a method for improving the distribution structure for chicken and egg through evaluation of distribution related policies and analysis of foreign cases.Method of Research This research is composed of the following chapters. Chapter 1 presents the necessity and the purpose of research, preceding research and the method of research, and Chapter 2 covers the demand and supply and price structure of chicken and egg markets. In Chapter 3, causality and asymmetry of chicken and egg prices were analyzed while the actual state of chicken and egg markets in the distribution stage was analyzed and tasks were derived therefrom in Chapter 4. In Chapter 5, surveys and evaluations were done for distribution policies for chicken and egg, and development of livestock product distribution policy model and its effect analysis were conducted in Chapter 6. Chapter 7 analyzed the poultry products prices and distribution policies of Japan and the U.S. and drew implications. In Chapter 8, a basic direction and a plan for improvement of the distribution system for chicken and egg markets were presented, and lastly summary and conclusion were presented in Chapter 9.Research Results and Implications The basic direction for improvement of the chicken and egg distribution system for price stabilization through this research is as follows. As chicken and egg markets were identified to have price asymmetry in each distribution stage, the problems arising from the multi-level distribution structure of poultry products should be solved and price instability should be mitigated. In order to solve these problems, first of all, distribution steps should be either decreased or integrated to increase price linkage in each distribution step. Second, a virtuous cycle structure where consumer prices react reasonably to demand and supply situation should be established. Third, the distribution system for poultry products needs to be improved toward a direction minimizing the decision-making steps of distributors. As a plan to improve the chicken and egg distribution system, the following are required at the production stage: ① Productivity enhancement of poultry products and quality improvement of production elements are necessary. ② Producers' organization for production of poultry products and the functions of egg gathering places should be activated. ③ A cold storage distribution system and a package distribution system should be established. At the wholesale stage, the following are required: ① Sanitation management of chicken production factory should be reinforced and the base for the export of chicken should be established. ② Processing of poultry products should be stimulated and the demand base should be expanded. ③ Egg distribution centers should be installed to stimulate distribution of eggs. At the retail stage, the following are required: ① An egg tracking system should be built and a direct cyber trading system should be activated. ② Crackdown of rotten meat (eggs) should be reinforced and a product origin indication system should be established. Lastly at the pricing stage, the standard price for poultry products should be revised and its representativeness should be secured.Researchers: Min-Kook Jeong, Byung-joon Woo, In Bae Ji, Woo Jin Song, Myoung-ki Lee, Kyung-Soo Nam, Chang-beom LeeResearch Period: 2012. 1~2012. 12E-mail address: mkjeong@krei.re.kr-
dc.description.tableofcontents제1장 서론제2장 닭고기·계란 수급 및 가격구조 분석제3장 닭고기·계란 가격의 인과성과 비대칭성 분석제4장 닭고기·계란 유통실태 분석과 과제제5장 닭고기·계란 유통정책 과제 순위조사 및 평가제6장 닭고기·계란 정책모형 개발 및 효과 분석제7장 외국의 양계산물 유통 관련 제도 및 시사점제8장 닭고기·계란 유통체계 개선 방안제9장 요약 및 결론-
dc.title물가안정을 위한 축산물과 축산식품 유통체계 개선 연구(2/4년차)-
dc.title.alternativeA Study on Improving Livestock Product Distribution System for Stabilizing Inflation(Year 2 of 4)-
dc.typeKREI 보고서-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameJeong, Minkook-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameLee, Changbeom-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameWoo, Byungjoon-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameSong, Woojin-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameJi, Inbae-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameLee, Myeongki-
dc.relation.isPartOf물가안정을 위한 축산물과 축산식품 유통체계 구축 연구(4의2차년도)-
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