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dc.description.abstract이 연구는 신제도주의 경제학의 관점에서 세계적으로 확대되고 있는 농업부문 계약 및 수직적 결합의 선택 요인을 찾고 시사점을 도출하기 위해서 수행되었다. 주요 연구내용으로는 최근 조직 관련 연구 분야에서 활발히 활용되고 있는 신제도주의 경제학의 이론을 정리하고 미국 농업분야 농업계약의 활용 실태를 살펴보았다. 신제도주의 경제학의 시각에서 농업부문 조직 형태 선택의 요인을 도출하고 우리농업에 주는 시사점을 제시하였다.-
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study is to examine the determinants of the choice of organizational form under the view of New Institutional Economics (NIE) and present its implications for Korean agriculture. Organizational forms in agriculture are classified by their transaction methods, which are spot markets, marketing or production contracts, and vertical integration. It is a worldwide trend that organizations using agricultural contracts or vertical integration are increasing. There are some previous studies conducted using the theory of NIE to analyze factors of the choice of contracts or vertical integration. The core of NIE is transaction costs that affect organization's buy-or-make decisions. In other words, organizational form is changed to minimize its transaction costs from a spot market-oriented one to a contract or vertical integration-oriented organization. From the current state of US agricultural contracts, we derived several determinants of organizational choice under the view of NIE, which are size of the farm, asset specificity, transaction uncertainty and agricultural policy. The theory of NIE is applicable in various fields in Korean agricultural contracts and organization. Although some studies applied the theory of NIE in the Korean livestock sector, there are many other applicable sectors and commodities. In order to broadly apply NIE to agricultural organizations and contracts, data has to be periodically collected. Contract data is mostly considered as business secrets of an organization. Therefore, survey questionnaires should be well designed, and public or government organizations have to regularly collect agricultural contract data. Researcher: Kim Tae HunResearch period: 2012. 8. - 2013. 5.E-mail address: taehun@krei.re.kr-
dc.description.tableofcontents제1장 서 론제2장 신제도주의 경제학 이론제3장 미국 농업부문 계약 실태와 조직구조 현황제4장 농업부문 계약과 조직 형태의 선택제5장 요약 및 시사점-
dc.title미국 농업부문 조직 형태 선택과 시사점-
dc.title.alternativeThe Choice of Organizational Form in the Agricultural Sector-
dc.typeKREI 보고서-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameKim, Taehun-
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