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dc.description.abstract이 연구는 국제사회와 우리나라의 농림업분야 지원현황과 사업내용 분석, 산림분야의 국제협력 사례를 제시하고 산림분야 공적개발원조(Official Development Assistance, ODA)의 확대, 농업 등 타분야와의 연계추진을 위한 방안을 제시하려는 목적으로 수행되었으며, 국립산림과학원의 “국제산림협력사업확산을 위한 국내외 정책 및 전략연구”의 일환으로 추진되었다.-
dc.description.abstractThis paper has the purpose to analyze current ODA performances in the sectors of agriculture and forestry, and to suggest the ways for linking these two sectors including that of environment. The forestry sector needs to be oriented, as its ODA strategy, toward "forest resource development which is environmentally sustainable and economically contributory to the poverty alleviation." Two ways of linking are provided: to combine several stand-alone projects into a package which used to be implemented separately by different public agencies, and to link various successive functions along the life cycle of an ODA project so as to maximally utilize expertness of implementing organizations. Also, two types of state clusters are provided: the one is comprised of 10 states for which forestry sector needs to lead other sectors in the project linkage, while the other includes the 11 states for which, although agricultural development cooperation is important, the forest sector also needs to contribute its ODA for extending network of cooperation. Researchers: Jang Heo, Seung-Eun JeongResearch period: 2013. 3. - 2013. 9.E-mail address: heojang@krei.re.kr-
dc.description.tableofcontents제1장 서 론제2장 농업 및 산림분야 개발협력 현황제3장 농업 및 산림분야 개발협력 정책, 전략과 체계제4장 농업 및 산림분야 개발협력 사업 분석제5장 농업-임업 분야 국제협력 연계방안제6장 요약 및 결론-
dc.title한국의 농업분야 ODA사업 정책·전략 및 농림분야 협력전망 분석-
dc.title.alternativeKorean Agricultural ODA Policy and Strategy, and Suggestions for Linkage with Forestry Sector-
dc.typeKREI 보고서-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameHeo, Jang-
dc.contributor.alternativeNameJeong Seungeun-
dc.relation.isPartOf한국의 농업분야 ODA사업 정책,전략 및 농림분야 협력전망 분석-
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